Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He Double Hockey Sticks

I have got a bit of the  bug..  The Cyclocross bug.
I got a late start but I am also not going to be guy on July fifth gluing tires and getting all excited for cross season.
This last week was the self proclaimed Midwest Single Speed CX Championship. 
For me it was the third time for to try to come out on top.  No riding in the velodrome this year but they found a good way to kick or asses. 
Some high speed straight-a-ways tight curves,, and obstetrical made for a hard lap.
Found my self up towards the front and trying to manage the pain. At some point in time 
I missed a wheel and just that fast I was in nomansland. 
I want more ....more of that feeling when the official says 30 seconds. Then go and the pain that comes along...Another one this weekend and then off for a week or so.. 

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