Thursday, November 22, 2012


A seat at the table? Flashing back through years and years of family and friends.
Many things to be happy and thankful for.
I miss my grandma and hope that my grandpa can get through his 
days on earth all alone. 
This will be the last Thanksgiving where the whole family is 
together,, Pip will come home from college next year and we will be all back as a unit. 
What holds this family together is strength and determination and the ability
to get Rad on two wheels. 
We will not take part in spending america back to health on friday.. We will celebrate Black Sabbath Friday and instead of shopping we will be rocking. 
This week of rest will becoming to an end and the it will be time to get back firing up the engine
and getting ready for one last CX fight. 
Pin it on line it up and go fast!
Be good to everyone do nice things eat lots of food.. Remember what is important in life it is not stuff.
As a wise man once said " you are not what you own " !!
Go fast and have fun..   

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