Monday, November 26, 2012


It is time for some detox.....after a week long gorging of food and drink I feel like a 
sloth.  I even make sure that I move everyday but I think that the consumption out weighs the motion. 
I was the only one in the house that had to work on Black Sabbath Friday and it was a slog of a day fixing and working on more than my fair share of stuff, and all I wanted was a midday winter nap. 
And after crashing out early that evening I was ready to go saturday morning. It would be the first weekend in five or so that we did not have any racing so the whole weekend would be free to do what ever.  With the sun shining the Pip and headed out on cross bikes to smell the fresh air. The only issue was that air was colder than either of us expected,, not a whole lot of warming up happened until we go to the hill of Bliss. Climbing always makes things get warmer that is until you get to the ridge top and the wind blows right through you.
Zipping through the quarry on skinny tires is a blast and makes you have to think quickly about where you place those tires. We only bumped in to one group of hunters who had a buck in a sled and were working their asses off to drag the thing out of the brush.  I was so happy to make it home and warm up with some Whiskey and second thanksgiving which was as always super kick ass. 
Sunday was mountain bikes,, I can't even remember my last Mtb ride. Felt real real good to be on the fat tires. The climb up the quarry hill did suck but it did not hurt me as much as it kicked the Pips ass. 
The woods were quite with most hunters being done as it was the last day of the nine day hunting season.  Fat tires Fat Bellys and much needed rest. Now it is time for a mental shift and that detox so I can get 
ready for the SSCX Champ race this saturday.. Hope I remember how good that pain feels. 

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