Monday, November 19, 2012

Pins and Needles

Plans change people change and hair styles change.. and after some soul searching of what to do with the boy(Rocket) we decided to drive up north to get into some more cross racing.
A bit of pavement was in between us and what some were calling one of the worst cross events on the MCF's calendar, but with Jingle CX out of the picture it was my only shot at some more practice.
Barry,, one of my Hollywood Teammates was planing on being there and I knew that later in the day that I could take the boy to the science museum,,,since were going to be in the big city. 
The venue was not to far away from where I spent most of my young and I got 
to point out different sk8 spots and talk in my old man voice of "back when I was a Kid"..
They had a super cool park for running and playing and before I knew it James was the 
pied piper was a flock of kids doing is bidding. 
After meeting up with Barry we got a good look at the course and the first thing I noticed was that the barriers were taller than normal and all on up hills which was going to make for some interesting jumping as the race went on. 
Smaller fields were on the line with the most of the CX riders down south and the rest fizzling out.
The turnout was so small they were saying that 1-2 race would not happen.
Got some help on the line getting my number straightened out as this mountain biker still does not know how to pin a number and we were off. 
Barry and got to the front and worked together through the single track and over the sand pits. 
Thirty minutes in we came through to see we had five to go,, which means the officials decided to make it an hour race,, and more than anything it meant the suffering would continue longer. 
As it all shuffled out Barry and I came up the last run up together and being gassed and not wanting it have to sprint up hill to get the win I wave my teammate on. 
Five weeks of racing and racing hard now I get to take a bit of break as it is hunting season and i don't want to be in the woods. 
December 1 is the Minnesota State Champ race and I hope that I am going to be read.. As for know I am tired and ready to put my mind brain to sleep.. 

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