Monday, November 12, 2012

Rather Ripped

Week four in a row of Cross racing,,,, This time the whole family went over to Ripon to see what will be the new home of Sophia and for me and the kid to do some racing. 
For the kid it was going to be her first ever cross race and other than some practice on saturday
it was going to be trail by fire. 
The course was one like I had never seen before... A set of double stairs,,with a landing in the middle
a volleyball pit twice in a lap and a decent down some sketchy single track.. 
The kid did awesome just settling in and fighting through the pain,, her soon to be team and new Coach rallied around and cheered her on. 
For me I was on the line with 8 or 9 college kids and only two other 1-2's.
I learned right from the start that I was way over geared,, more than I have ever been.
And after watching Drew go down pretty hard I just rode to get some work in. 
The race took you through one of the dorm quads and the students were out ringing cowbells and shouting. There were places to get rad and catch some air and the old guy was having fun until
I almost ate shit going down the single track back to the football field. 
Flatted with one lap to go and made it to the pit and swapped out my front wheel,, the Official was confused and said that I was done,, which he later learned that I was not and just placed me where I was. 
Now the question is what to do now,, Jingle Cross is next weekend and me and the boy would have to go together as momma is out of town or I could just take a week off... 
Only issue with that their wont be much racing before the Mn state chams race. 
I'll get it all figured out. 

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