Thursday, November 15, 2012

Older Men

Paper cuts are annoying especially when all you want to do is break down all the beer boxes that have stacked up in front of the beer fridge. Trying to save time in a bottle or for that matter a 12oz can can make you run in circles. Never seems to be enough time to du the things you want to 
The Darkness is almost coming to an end, a touch over a month and 
Light will start making it's return.
As said before I have been bitten by the cross bug and have been having a 
good time on the skinny tires fighting the onegear to get to the finish. 
Now my last minute thrown together of a season I over looked that the famous Jingle Cross 
was moved to the week before Thanksgiving. I was planing for an escape from the holiday, and some Pure Sweet Pain for CX racing. 
Unfortunately I was late on planing and just can't get it thrown together. 
A bit of a bummer after four strong weeks and feeling pretty good on and off the bike. 
Last sunday was a workout and I want more.   
There is a race up in the cities not to far from where I grew up and I could see the boy and I heading up and getting in line to go. Before I know it the Mn State race will be here and then Nationals here in Wisco.
One of my trips of the stairs as the Hecklers were doing their job I was not only told I was winning the old man race but also told that I had the Raddest Bike.. Yep 10 year old CX with a Quill some Shiny King Hubs and Hed Wheels and a Thomson Post attached to San Marco saddle yep
Pretty Kick Ass.

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