Monday, December 31, 2012

In the White Room

I have not sat down yet and thought about the best and worst of the year. 
Unfortunately as I get older and older it is harder and harder for me to 
remember what happened last week,, one of the reasons that my race reports are 
not as in depth and play by play as others. 
What I do know is yesterday I came out of retirement and strapped on my
tele skis and went and played with the young boy. 
I was nervous at first having been six years since i rode a chair and slid down a hill. 
Now where were going only claims around 345 feet vertical but when it comes to a cool 

funky little ski hill... Bruce Mounds was a good time.
The boy and I hit the T-bar right off the front and he show his old man what he could do. 
For the Rocket this was only his fifth day on skis and I am so impressed on how well he can handle him self. I am not sure if the skiing DNA can be pass on but if it can he sure has it. 
We made our way over to the chair and tackled the big hill,, which again for where we are I was impressed. We recently had gotten some fresh snow and they had the snow cannons a blazing. 
I wish that I had turned on my GPS so we could have tracked how many laps that we did,, all I know is we were getting dizzy with all the laps. I even found a small run with some nice pockets of fresh untouched powder for my knee dropping turns. 
It was fun and both the Rocket and I can't wait to get back on the sticks and make some turns. 
He asked why can't he ski everyday,, I smiled and said someday,, and then thought oh crap
don't want him to end up like his dad,, a recovering powder-hound. 

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