Monday, December 10, 2012

Bandit Crossing

So damn glad that I got one last Mountain Bike ride in before the winter blew in. 
It was a long and fun year on the fat tires and now it is time for the bike to get cleaned up and 
start think and planing for next year. 
I got out saturday morning before the sun broke through the clouds and the woods were
quite and the trail was still frozen so not a single knobie left a mark in the dirt.
Followed the day up with some enchilada's  and then a spin over to the Moon with my Sweet Lady for beer and wings that never got ordered. 
Riding home through the hood it was all lit up with holiday cheer, and with no snow on the ground and warm temps sure seemed like winter was never going to come. 
The we went to bed and woke up to a winter wonderland.
After moving some snow off the driveway the boy and I headed out to ride our neighborhood cross course, with the white stuff flying and piling up on the ground it sure changed the way our wheels moved. And it made for some great snowballs.. 

Knowing that the commute to work would be one for the story books with the snow falling all through the day, I knew that I needed something to get me to work. 
Not wanting to destroy my cross bike for the forth year in a row I started digging around the garage to see what I could put together. 
Pull the winter commuting wheels out of storage and took the Vittoria CX wheels off my King Wheels and got to work.  This here bike is something that came about years ago and has never really had a purpose... With a few tweaks and  some spare parts I got it up and running. As a winter commuter it will work,, could use some studs  but with out it will just make for some more funner spinning.

Winter is here at least for now so time for crazy commutes and if and only if the snow holds we will be sliding on snow on waxed missiles..

Going to leave you with one From Jeff at All City and Bike Jerks he has the right idea.

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.


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