Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tickle my Pickle

I had to take a deep breath yesterday AM when I woke up to the 
sound of Rain drops pinging off the Air Conditioner. It has happened three years in a row if not more.
We get some good snow in December nice deep snow pack good for skiing or what ever it 
is you do with the white stuff. 
This year it did not even last a week,,we got six inches last sunday and things looked good,,
like we would be skiing both down hills and on the xc gear. 
But after yesterday morning it is all gone except for a few piles on
some north facing aspects. 
Working over over the ski tuning bench I started playing the old switch-a-roo with tires and
With the King/Hed wheels back on the Gunnar I made a break for the last few minutes of daylight. It has been a few months since I rode a shifting bike let alone a true road bike. 
Felt real real good to get out and spin the legs and take in the mid december air. 
The one positive from the rain is that most of the salt and deicing material was washed off the roads.
Quite damp roads took me up in to a cloud and light precep. With my music turned down I could hear the sound of angry bees chasing me through the Coulee .
Not sure what today will bring,, going to do a quick family Christmas with Anna's family
and then the Pack plays, who knows with all of that I may need to get out again.
I did this morning find the Pickle Have you?

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