Friday, December 28, 2012


Three day work outs are the shizle and should be in effect every week of the year. 
I have to say that I have much better days when I don't punch the clock five days. 
Speaking of good days or bad days it looked like a tough day for racing in Belgium today 
and Sven was having a hard time and then this happened..
This guy little Rocket has been having some good days learning to slid down the slopes and ride the chair lift. At the end of todays lesson he did not want to be done and wants more and more. 
As a recovering downhiller still in a 12 step program I worry about what could happen.
Sounds as if I may be falling off the wagon on sunday and sliding with him here..
Now if his uncle could just get the helmet sent to him I could stop  renting them.. 
Grover that mean you. 
More of the white stuff fell from the sky and it was the light and fluffy kind which made for
a super fun commute to work.. Saw a few accidents but no problems here just kept spinning the 53x24 and got to work.
Home was a bit more tricky with the snow turning to slush and in places having the consistency of mashed potatoes which can 
pull you in some funky directions. 
Regardless after getting home and having fun in the snow I wanted more. 
And much like in the summer months I did a superman change from one super suit to another and headed out for a xc ski. 
Was able to do a lap as the light went away and then back to the car to get my light.  It was by far one of the best skis of my short season. Snow falling and dancing in the LED rays strapped to my head...and I went with out music and due to the clouds the air was quite and still.
Going to wax up the sticks and get more tomorrow. Got to love it. 
Like the cool kids say I like to move it move it ....

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