Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Weather man says that the S#!t is about to hit the fan here in the Drifless region
but by the time it is all over we will be more drift full..
Blizzard warnings have been blasting my phone all afternoon and I wonder if this is going to 
be the Armageddon that the Mayans spoke of. 
My biggest dilemma is how in the hell and I going to get to work. I Have not driven a car
to work in well over a year and a half. And I a have not dove into the fat bike Koolaid. 
My current snow bike has 32mm cx tires and a 53x22 and this may bring a bit of pain to the legs.
May have to after dinner play with gearing to get things right. The news is telling people not to drive,, unless it is an emergency... Funny that is what I do for work and I am pretty sure that they will
have me out and about driving in places that should not be driven in. 
But all this said it should hopefully mean that the skinny skis will get to come out and play. 
I have been aching to ski and with five days off  from work I should get my wish. 
Bench is set up and wax is ready to get melted,, I know the boy wants to wax up
his new sticks and get to sliding. 
Until then I need to figure out if and how I am going to be riding to work or if I 
just need to break down and drive a car,,,,Boo to that.. 


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... few bikes worse than a fatbike for carpacked snow commutes. I'll keep my studden Nokians on the Trek 720 (39x17 btw) for getting around!

    1. would love some studs,, just found a 24tooth to take it to 59.6 inches,,