Friday, December 7, 2012


Winter has no desire to show it's head in these here parts,, so this guy is making hay while the sunshine's ..I have been finding deep solace in morning spins up the quarry road avoiding the crappy morning traffic and getting to climb one of my favorite hills. 
I can leave the house in a crappy mood about work,, bills,,, kids,,etc,,, and  the next thing that I know smiles are stretching across my face,,,,,,,,,that is until I get to the job site.  
I dream about stuff take in the fresh air do dandy boy moves and just take in the freedom that is 
wheeling around. 

Fixing things i think is a noble trade ,,, even when the stuff that i am wrenching on is nothing but a big pile (fill in the Blank)...
I at times think of my wrench friends in all the bike shops all across this land that have to hoist up a Magma or Freespirit or even the walmart Schwinn. 
I can see their faces drop to the floor as they have to true some shitty wheels or re-cable the pos..
But the funny thing is it could be a Madone or a some fancy full boinger or even worse the racer guy who does not clean it after a nasty race and can't figure out why it does not shift. 
It all boils down to things break and need to be fixed,,,cheep or through the roof expensive. 
When it is all said and done and the day is done being able to unwind and forget it and let
all slide off like you like you are made of Teflon is key.
And once again it is the bike that unlocks the door to sanity. 
Walking out the door I can make the choice to just hit the path and head home or I can 
turn the opposite direction and head through town and back up the bluff... then I can make the choice of single track fun or just bombing down some loose gravely fun. 
If all goes well my week is full of ups and downs and all on two wheels,, and if winter does not want to come and make things impassable these knobies are going to keep on spinning. 

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