Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Surfing the web yesterday I came across this article from 
Not sure what to make of it other than Racers here in the USA can not race in non USA cycling sanctioned races if they hold a Pro License?
It all stems from a number of Pros going and racing the 
Teva games in Vail this past summer and then the governing body coming back and
saying that this is a no no. 
As race fee's go up and the fields get diluted due to the number of races,, and at times having 
the overall experience go down this is only stifling the growth of the sport.
Their are may great races that are put on that are not USA cycling races and 
as the years go by more and more are getting added to the calender.
With all that has happened to the sport this year with the uncovering of massive doping and the cover-ups etc,. now more than ever I believe that things need to change from the top down.
As racers we are all doing our part paying or race fees and buying an annual license.
The main reason that I wont be racing Cross Nats.. next week is the money factor. 
I need to renew my License for 2013= 150$ and then the cost of the 45-60 minute race 65-110$ depending on when you sign up. And the question here is why?
I will still ride every day and approach each race the same,, The Sport needs to grow and not contract. 



  1. I'm with you on skipping the nationals due to the cost. Pretty stupid.

    I do believe that the answer lies with a national organization though--- it just needs to not suck.

  2. It's mafia muscle...follow "our" rules or we will make life difficult for you. So why on earth would anyone want to be apart of an organization that tries B.S. like that? The whole system is so inflated - ridiculous, unnecessary categories so there are tons of "winners" and thus entrees go up to cover that on top of entries covering USAC fees all some little prima donna can get to go a race over in some Belgian town no one over here ever heard of.

    Our "National Organization" just kisses Europes tail and follows their rules. We would be better to let USAC die off and build an the sport up as Americans - our way.