Monday, January 7, 2013

Nice Grooming

They say make hay while the sun shines,, and that is true but sometimes you need to 
get after it while the moonshines. 
After a short long week of work the friday night ski has been a great way for me 
to get out and burn off some aggression.  The xc ski trails here in Lax are 
starting to get beat up. Even though the city has invested a good number of dollars in 
grooming equipment they have done noting to enforce the people that walk on the trails. That being said the trails look in places the surface of the moon garnished with dog turds. 
Regardless of  conditions I managed a good ski and felt great after. 
Saturday brought another day of lift access skiing, again hoping to have a great day on the slopes 
with the boy. We had our moments with some different ideas of what he should be able to ski down. At one point I was having flashbacks of skiing with his sister when she was this age. 
We parted ways and I went to see what the area had to offer.  This is the run that they call Damnation and from what I understand they blow snow and leave it like this for a while then will drive a few cats down it and smooth it all out. Steep Icy and snow mounds over your head. 
By the time it was all said and done the boy and I skied for over four hours and I do  believe we had fun. 
I got home and wanted more and since I had noticed that the roads for the most part were clean and clear... I jumped on the cxss rig and headed out for a hilly ride through the back roads of coulee country.. 
After this bit of work I was cracked and loving it. 
Dinner ,, Packers then Bed!!
Rounded out the weekend with a 
drive up to Winona and SMU for some fresh groomed skate skiing. 
This was the first time all season that I got to ski anything that resembled a groomed track.  For a bit of time I was able to pace behind the groomer and was smiling from ear to ear. 
My goal was to ski my self into the ground and did just that.
An hour and a half and a titch under 14 miles of vertical skiing. Sliding at St Marys means that you are going to go up hill and go up hill a lot. 
So I do feel like I made some hay and got the work done now I get to head in to the 9-5 and deal with some 25+ mph winds blowing right in my face.. Bring on next weekend..!!

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