Monday, January 21, 2013


This old dog is tired... but a good kind of tired from moving around in Space. 
I survived the commute to and from work today with some nasty windchill and cement legs. 
I suffer from not knowing when to just chill and not move, and mondays are a 
optional day off of bike practice, and as for now I think that I am going to 
exercise that option. 
The past fourteen days have netted threehundredandfifty miles of outside singlespeed fun. 
I know that is not as much as the folks in the southern climates but January is shaping up 
nicely and the recent block should reap dividends for Feb
Saturday saw temps well into the 40's and I was able to climb up and then ride 
dirt/gravel that by the third time around turned into a quagmire, only adding 
to the enjoyment of the day.
And only once did I have someone yell some dumb Lance Armstrong comment at me while driving by.
Not going to waste my time with them or him as all that has been said has been and more is needed to clean up the sport. 
But what I do want to know is why or maybe what is the effect people in cars get by revving their engines as they pass 
cyclist,, is it a hey check me out as I pass by thing??
Had one this afternoon as I came off the bike path and onto the bike lane.. Some kid down shifted and made his car gargle at me? What is that?
  Changed these pads last week front and back,, the last time was back in late October Racing the Green Archers CX event.. All the Sand salt and Gravely bits are doing a number on pads and 
rims. Needless to say I remembered real quick the next morning heading to work that I had done this and almost found the ejection button approaching the first stop sign.  
Going to be cold again tomorrow but then temps come
up to the tolerable level for more than just commuting.
I just keep my eyes on the prize of warmer daze!!

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