Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Used Rugs

Still in a fog from the weekend of Cowbells, Beer and Yelling at Lycra-clad Freaks. 
It was neat to see so many people excited about bike racing..... The Teams and their support...Parents and other family members working the pits,,noise makers and crazy costumes. 
And all of this being done on a cold day in January. 
For some who raced it was step in the right direction,,some may have even got to put on the Stars and Bars.. Others found them selves back to the drawing board. 
I got to slap palms of Sponsors and even run into old friends from my younger years that I only seem to run into at bike races.
D2 Winner
None of the photos that I took seem to due any justice to the event that it was ...
Someones photos that paint a great picture is this Guy found him over at 
Stevil's site. 
I wont be making to Worlds even though it is not that far away... I need to get my ducks in a row for the season to come,, and dollars are becoming a high priority and in short supply. 
We are going to be heading down to the Desert at the end of March and I am trying to round up 
a couple of Bikes for me and the kid to ride while there. This will be a chance for us to get some early season single track and some good work before the race season starts. 
One bike on a plane would not wreck my pocket book but for the two of us that is 300+ dollars 
and that cuts deep into the race funds. 
I am fired up and can't wait miles and miles to go before vacation but it will come and it will be good then it will be spring and time ride all the time which is not that different from life now just warmer. 

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