Friday, January 4, 2013


When I saw the news that Burry Stander was killed while out training
it was hard to believe. But we have seen it before and I hate saying it will happen again. 
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Cyclist get hit by car all too often and it is a risk that we take every time that we get out on the road. 
I think of a time back about eleven years ago and we were still living in Flagstaff 
Dave G, Sue King and Chris Etheridge came down for some AZ riding.. 
I took them all over flagtown,,showing them the kick ass single track that I was now calling home.. It was Awesome to have some old friends come down away from the "people's republic of Colorado"..
Shortly after they left and headed back home ,, I got a phone call that Chris was struck and Killed as he was doing a training ride up one of the canyons..
 He was hit head on as a driver crossed the yellow line came into his lane and that was it he never
had a chance. 
With the coverage of the world cup races this summer we got to see a lot of Burry and he was 
fun to watch, he was a great story and will be missed by many. 
I my self much like most of you spend some time on the road and don't want to have to worry every time that we clip in.....but you never know. 
Ride hard ,,Ride long ,, Suffer,, Enjoy,,
Keep the wheels Spinning and the Grin will Keep on Winning..

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