Wednesday, January 30, 2013

World Crossing

The world is coming to the USA and a mass Exodus of Skinny Nobie Freaks are heading to 
Kentucky..   I am not one and wish that I was,, I have not seen a race of this
caliber since I got to see the Mountain Bike World Championships in Vail back in 1994.. That was a long time ago..
As I have mentioned the weather has been wild here and through out the rest of the mid west. 
We had rain and thunder yesterday and today we got a few inches of
snow and tons of wind.  The venue for the CX Worlds was hit with nasty weather tornado watches and lot of rain. Took this from Tilford's site... Next up is going to be the temps dropping and maybe even some snow.. So all this water is going to get thick and slick ,, we call it ice here in Wisco.. All those that raced the Nationals race should have had some good practice from the slop of that week..
As for this here guy just sticking to the plan more and more work getting done preparing for the season and enjoying the ride to and from work.. 
 May have to get the boy back out and do some more knee drop skiing and wait for the roads
to dry out more. I don't mind riding on snow pack and or wet sandy roads..,..But when it comes to
the mash potato snow not a big fan.. The kind of snow that grabs your front wheel and says you are going this way.. I was amazed by all the bad drivers this morning and how easy and peaceful my ride in was. One of the best parts was getting to weave through traffic and pass a fender bender or in this case a fender in the middle of the road,,, I gave it a quick bunny hop and just carried on..
Life on two wheels is not a bad one.
The snow commuter pig here.....not a pretty one but gets the job done and fun can be found while moving..

To all those heading to worlds drive safe and enjoy the party.

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