Monday, February 4, 2013


I did not get to watch the stream live we were off skiing at the mound,, I was watching twitter and living in my mentals,, but one of the trends I was seeing on the FB and on Twitter was that the Boss was in full effect with Hollywood Sign Photo bombing as much as he could. 
Jay and Kwood loaded up the Scamp and headed off to the World CX and represented in style. 
Watching a rebroadcast Later on saturday I laughed every time I saw this...

Cross is done for now...all the hardcore cx racers are all ready preparing for next fall and soon will start the constant postings of is it cross season yet or we need to have cross all year round...
Not this guy,, I am gearing up for the spring classics .. Team training Camp ,,, our trip to AZ and 
lots and lots of single track.. 

I took both the kids to the Bruce Mound and skied,,
under blue bird skies.
For the Girl it was her first time on Downhill gear since moving to the mid west.. And with the new snow fall Powder was all around...
It was not super deep snow but I was able to find untracked snow for the better part of the day. 
It was a lot of fun,,. The boy spent most of his day in the park working on hitting the gap jumps.
I was doing my best to show off to the kids and was flying high and landing well ... That is unitll
the last jump of the day over shot the landing a bit and hit some ice,,, when my right arm came down I jacked my shoulder... I knew it as soon as it happened.  No doctor visit or sling,,,just lots of ibuprofen,, it is loosing up a bit but damn sore,, 
In my twenty plus years of skiing I have more than once hurt my self on the last run,, the old should have stopped while the getting was good. 
All in all a good day of playing,, the knee dropping is playing a good role in the off season 
training.. Anything is better than riding bikes indoors.. 

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