Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Woke up for work yesterday and started to get ready drinking coffee etc... and something just was not right. Climbed back into bed and slept from 530 to1100.. Crushed I was not sure what hit me... Found my self on the couch of the rest of the day watching bad TV,, even Watched the Premium  Rush movie. It had bikes in it so I liked that but the plot and the acting was not the greatest. 
The spandex messenger on the road bike was using King R45 hubs so that was cool but again the cheese effect was in full force.
After watching this I found my self flipping around from food show to food show,,, which is not the best when you are hungry from not eating all day.. Then the door bell rang and I pulled my self up off my spot and found a goodie box at the door. 
Sweet made in the USA parts for a new Race bike that is coming together. 
Thomson has been taking care of me for years so much so that even the other family members get help when needed.. 
I was able to pull my self together this morning and get my self to work. 
I have been eating like a horse trying to make up for the loss of food intake yesterday. 
And even had the spunk after work to go around the bluff....
Rode well and climbed good but did decide that I have a lot of work to do when it comes to Red lining. Bring on some warm or warmish temps .....all I need is 25-35 degrees and some dryish road and I am ready to get after it.. January was dry and miles and work got done.
I am ready for more and new things are happening with the Hollywood Cycles Team... It will be a new year with new goal and the THC crew will be getting after it.. That is Team Hair Cut... 
Fast Loud and Parting On!!
Just don't get stuck behind the Train..

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