Monday, February 25, 2013


Waking up in fog so thick that it hurts to breath.  >>>>>Rewind>>>
This boy does not see 10PM all that often let alone midnight or points their after. 
What all that said,, I drove up to the land of Grain Belt , Husker Du, and that guy Formally called and once again called Prince. 
I got up there saturday to Hang out and Help the Chamois Butt'r crew and slap some high five's to the good people that take care of me. 
Got to see some cool new stuff from All City and The new Pedals from LOOK!!
Caught up with some old faces and had a really good lunch.. 
QBP is the Midwest's equivalent of  Disneyland for tight pants fix gear hipsters. 
And I have to say if I lived in the area I would want to work there minus the tight pants. 
Speaking of tight pants I busted out to meet up with the older two of the Bauer Boys for some XC skiing.  Great 
ski conditions ,,freshly groomed and fast. I always think to my self why did this never get put in front of me when I was a youth growing up here??
The young Bauer boy and I after eating a good dinner with his folks headed off to a rock show and
we sure did not know what we were getting into. 
Yea took one for the team with this one. 
Hairball was no Ozorn and we were not at the double down.
After a few hours of many costume changes and some hefty drunk screaming middle aged women,
we split to go to GeneO's and check out his new Neighbors.. Handsome  Cycles...    
                                             Now through all of this evening the clock has been ticking and it is getting late into the night. We missed out on the Large crowds and the kegs still had beer. More tomfoolery and bicycle related conversations were had,, and as the clock struck two AM it was time to get rolling.   Finally crashing out at the Woods by three bells in the morning. 
I still am not sure what I was running on that late or was it early??
With a quick trip over to Hollywood's shop to pick up this years team Bike I was on the road ready to crash out and sleep and try to get ready for a full monday,..
It is a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll. ... and I think I go my late night partying out of my system. 

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