Friday, March 1, 2013

Mr Hand?

Looking for and finding form this time of the year is like trying to find that loose bearing 
that falls out of it's retainer and bounces and rolls across the garage floor. 
Looked back at the hand written log from last year,,  I was pretty good at keeping track till about the end of February and just gave up on the analog and went digital. 
Anyhow last year was an anomaly with little to no snow. 
The Pip and I were riding mountain bikes in jan and good miles were 
logged through much of feb.
This year I have been a little loose about keeping track but when I compare the numbers and workouts I seem to be on track what ever track that may be.
My shoulder still gives me some grief and  can make sleeping a chore,,but the work is getting done. 
Almost all the riding has been on one of the two single speed style road bicycle,,even though they are both beat up and falling apart i am liking the numbers that I see. 
Riding inside is not one of things that I enjoy so the layers get pulled out and miles get done outside and when i do have to ride in the garage it short and to the point...make it hurt then be done. 
The garage is for drinking beer and playing with and working on bikes. 
  Waiting on a crown race so I can finish this Lamere Cycles,
I wish Chris King made a headset for these style of head tubes 
but all good things in all good time. 
I think that after watching this,,,,,
I am going to pull the geared Road bike out and spend some times on the roads around Lacrosse County and parts of Trempealeau County.
I need to hear the angry bee's chasing me again.... it has been a while.

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