Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Please

Plane landed at Sky Harbor and we hit the ground running.... Leaving Minnesota at 7:45 and having a two hour time difference got us in to the Valley of the Sun early enough to catch the end of the morning rush hour.
Had my self some breakfast and a beer and got to building the bikes. 
I was so happy to see that everything was in one piece and with the help of my Feedback stand everything went together in a snap.
The Pip and I got changed in to our supersuits and off we went. 
Plan was to hit the trails and climb then flip at the top and ride some of the single that at one time was not so Legal,,, The whole McDowell Mountains have been opened up and make for some great riding. 
Both Bikes Rode Unreal,,,,,This was the kids and my self's first time on our new rigs and were testing them out with a 2000 foot climb up and over some rough terrain. 
Back home and to the pool as we end day one and got ready for day two..

Day Two:
Loaded up the Rav4 and head north young son..
Once getting out of the Valley and on to I17 things were flowing good and the landscape out our car window was at times breath taking. The desert right know is greener than I have ever seen.
Rolling in to Sedona on the Bell Rock side brought back a flood of memories and flash backs from times past.
Meeting up with  our crew for the day and looking over some maps we got the bikes ready and were on the trail.
The riding in Sedona has changed since I was last here and trails that were once bootleg trails are now legit and offer up hours and hours of fun. 
We jumped on some single track and it just started to flow and flow.. After miles of butter like flowing trail I started to question if we were ever going to go up hill.?
Again the new bikes on these trails and the itch to be flying on single track mixed together so well.
It was a blur of red dirt and colorful rocks.
I could ride there every day of my life and it would never get old. 
It was loosely voted on that these are the best trails in the country..
Up next is some laps at the Competitive track ,, a place that Sophia and I have been riding since the late 90's.. It is going to be fast and fun and give Pip a chance to ride something that she is ridden before.
Time to eat and get moving..
Go fast Play hard and Party ON!

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