Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time in a Vortex

Five solid days of riding before heading out for vacation. It has been everything from cold and windchill to sun and snow. But more than anything I I have been getting the work done.
Bikes made it to Scottsdale on friday a few days early and as far as mom and dad can tell in one piece. No holes or large crushed spots on the boxes. I watch my tracking number for fedex like a hawk on friday. Got home from work/riding and got an email telling me that the bike had made it. 
I used to get the bikes there.  They use corporate shipping rates to keep the cost down, and so far so good,,, I wont know until I get them out of their boxes and in to the work stand
We get in around 9 on tuesday and my first goal is to get everything together and out on the trails ASAP.
Then other than going up to Sedona on Wednesday, our plans are pretty flexible. 
I look forward to the red rocks, it has been a log while since I have tooled around Sedona and Sophia has never ridden there. 
Over the years of living in Scottsdale and Flagstaff I have had some very memorable rides there,, running into and meeting some great people. Even got to celebrate Garro's bachelor party on a cliff side over looking one of the many canyons. 
This is going to be a much needed time away from the cold and snow, and if we get an increase in temps we'll start to see the snow go away.
When we come home we have a lot of riding to do and we are going to have one crazy itch to ride dirt,, but I think that may be a month or so out..  Warmer days Here We Come! 

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