Sunday, March 17, 2013


Started off moving to the 612 under some dark sky's..
 All the reports on the interwebs were saying that I90 was a mess.
And it was.. After a to close for comfort spin out from someone who was driving way too fast for the conditions we got to have a Police escort for a bit.  Roads
eventually got better to dry,, must have been caused by the
lift that the bluffs cause.  Yes I know winter is still here and
holding on tight. Word on the street is another 3-5" tonight-tomorrow.

Went up to the cities to get out hands on the Pips new rig.
Pretty stoked on the bike and she got fit spot on.. Moved a few parts around and need to put out a call for a Thomson set back, and she will be ready.  Her bike is broke down and in a box ready to go...

Got my new ride all dialed in and ready to go needed to clean up the shifting and get the brakes dialed and with the box of brake pads that showed up in the mail my Carbon DaRk HeArT  is going to fly in the desert. I am Scrambling for a bigger box one that I got on friday is too small and I need to have both bike broke down and ready for FedEx tomorrow.  I love last minute scrambling,, then making sure that all parts are accounted for... On the fence about parking the new Feedback stand to have it for any adjustments that may be needed,, when braking in two new bikes in the desert. 

Morning sun came through the windows this morning making it seem a lot warmer than it really was. I was really hoping to wake up OD on espresso and watch the coverage of MSR,,, But with a weather delay and a restart I lost interest and layered up. and headed out on the SSCX to cover some miles and hills.  With the mid March Sun and dry roads I quickly forgot about the cold and just drank in the sun and marched up the hills.

The next 6 days of work are going to be tough,
knowing that I have to get through them until we get to head out to the desert,, I pulled this photo off the Over the Edge FB page..  Where dreams are made.. Bring it ON!

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