Sunday, March 10, 2013

Days like This..

I know that I have been bitching a lot about the weather here,, but holy crap this is starting to get old.
Snow then rain and not much sun.
I have been doing my best to get out and ride in the elements like a good 
Euro-wishing-cyclist,, but at some point in time my winterish riding equipment is going to fail.
As sit here now my rear wheel on the SSCX is read to explode and when it does their is no replacement for it. It was a treat to get out last weekend on dry clearner style roads and ride the good shifting road bike.
For the most part I have been riding the same loop over and over again. Twenty to twentyseven miles
with  a bit over 1000 feet of climbing. With the 44x19 it makes for good work and thanks to the 
social media tracking device on my phone I can see that my March numbers are not that bad. 
But that is about where it ends. I have a real hard time riding in the garage even if I know that I should.  And we are a few weeks away from getting to the desert.. it just can't get here fast enough. 

Things are coming together for the kid,, we are going to head up to the Hollywood HQ to get her new super rig.
Pretty sweet ride for such a little shit,,,, 
I keep telling her that I am making sure that she has the tools to compete at the next level in her life. 
Hard to keep a teenager motivated with all the indoor riding and gym work. 
I am super excited for her and all that she is going to get to see and do.. She is going to get to ride in new places and meet new faces,, and do things that this old semi washed up mountain bike racer has never gotten to do.   Oh All the Places You Will Go PIP!!

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