Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The weekend came and went like the evil temptress that she is.. This one 
came with deceptive blue bird skies and cold temps. 
But,,,,,,,,,the roads were dry and for the most part clear of too much crap. 
This allowed me to get the good road bike out of the Garage and hit 
some of the pavement around the hood.
Four miles in my handlebar mounted computer's battery decided that it was 
to cold for operation and called it quits.. I was a bit bummed wanting to 
see my HR suffer as I found elevation and wind to push me around. 
I did have my phone in my pocket so at least I would be able to compare my self to 
everyone else. 
Last March was one for the record books with warm conditions really warm...
So warm that the Apple trees in the area blossomed, only to bitten by frost turning out one of the smallest apple crops in some time. 
So no we don't want,, but temps above 30 would be nice. 
Not going to happen. I danced around on the pedals enjoying my Steel rig as 
my King Wheels plowed over every winter heave in the road.   
I returned home a happy man as goals were accomplished
and bikes were ridden, and Daydreams of the soon to come Arizona desert single track played in my head. 
Can't Wait!!

Sunday saw the family truckster get loaded up and we headed off to the place that Sophia will spend the next four years of her life. 
Ripon was celebrating the incoming class and the scholarships that they   received.  Pretty cool that the kid is getting recognized and has not even 
taken a class there yet... So much cool thing are ahead of that kid. 
With all the driving and running around I had just enough time to get the Rodie out 
again before night fell ,,, and it was good.. again liking what I am seeing just wanting more. 
I need to figure things out and decide what I am going to do with my self. 
It will all come together soon.. 

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