Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ScReEn DoOr

Well there you have it,, not sure where the streak started but it ended this morning as 
I traded my commuter for  the mini-van.
After crashing three times last week and once on monday I decided that it was time to 
take a brake from the ice.  With in a block of my home I soon realized why
I choose two wheels over the car everyday.
 I live behind the middle school and kids now a days no longer ride the bus it seems. 
Lines and lines of cars with parents gripping their coffee and cell phones trying to 
get JR as close to the front door as possible. One you get  passed that one their is another school, followed by the High school,, it can be a mess, and on the bike you can wiggle wobble and fly on by.
I do have to say I  did enjoy being warm and not having an ice creme headache for the first 5 minutes of the ride.
But one car ride a year may be enough .....pretty sure that I am over it. Just need to make sure that I stay up right and
miss out on all of the icy patches. 
This time next week we should be just finishing up with our first ride down in the Mountain around Scottsdale.   So to fall and hurt my already ailing shoulder any more would be tragic. 
Wrapped up both Pip's and my bike in enough bubble wrap and Styrofoam that they should make down there with out any issues. Sophia was not to sure about leaving the boxes behind at the Fedex store,, but the nice girl behind the counter assured her that everything will be ok. 
So that being said tomorrow is the first  day of spring and equal day and night.
We are going to see a high of 21 or so,, not so spring like..
I did the unthinkable and rode in the garage for a bit.. Just a getter-done kind of effort. 
Not as fun as my simple ride to work. 
Craptastic is as Craptastic does,, just need to get through a few more days of work and get a few more days of work out side and then I am going to be ready to put my nose to the grindstone. 

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