Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CoOl Mo D

Home from the desert and the temps are not what they were in the wild wild west. 
Headed out this morning to work on the Roadie only to have fresh air burn the my sun kissed skin.
20 degree temps and flesh that has seen the sun of Arizona don't mix well.
But I was determined to not have to wear a winter cap under my helmet. 
10 minutes of suffering and I was warmed up and enjoying the speed of a Road style bike. 
With the sun shining after work and the desire to ride I was out the door and heading to the 
bluff to find a train parked across the road. 
From the looks of the people in their cars they had been there for a while.
After ten minutes of waiting I climbed up and over one of the cars.
I know not one of the best ideas especially in road shoes but up and over and I was on my ride. 
Sunshine and road miles are what the doctor ordered.
And it may be a while till we see single track again.

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