Monday, April 8, 2013

Color Me Impressed

Not a case of the mondays just wishing that the weekend could last seven days. 
Last monday I was waking up for the last day of vacation single track. 
And why is it easier to wake up early on vacation with a slight hangover than to wake up at the same time to go to work?
What ever the reason even though last Mondays ride was not as long as I would have liked and we stuck behind a a pissed off Rattler it was still much better than this morning.
As morning commutes go this mornings was fenders and the return of the skinny knobbie tires. 
For the first time in months the crushed gravel was awoken for a nice peaceful ride to the 9-5.
And with the light rain that had fallen and that was misting in air the addition of fenders made for a dry ride. 
Pip's Bike and mine made it home from said vacation on friday,,, the boy and I hit up the Fedex store and picked up the boxed up bootie.  Thinking that we were going to be rained out of the Ripon Spring Classic the Pip and I stayed home and got our bikes back in to riding shape.. And with a lull in the clouds took them out for a test ride. They rode as sweet as they did while in Arizona just no single track yet to be had,,, just some soggy gravel roads. 
I have to say that i have the fever for more dirt riding but will have to wait a bit and just ride as much Pave as I can take in. Which around here is a lot,, and with A number of the Team Hollywood Cycles crew coming down this weekend I should have some people to play with and get to play tour guide.

New kits are on the way and the THC# is going to be a tough one this summer with a strong men's and women's presence.
And I have to say with all the BS that is going on with the UCI and USAC I am 99% sure that I wont be buying my UCI license this summer.. I want to keep my money and not support the UCI,,, that means after only two years of racing with the words PRO behind my name it will be back to Master/age Group,,,Cat#1..
A bit of a blow to my over sized inflated ego. 
It took me years and years to build up the points and results upgrade but any more not sure if that is 150$$ well spent.
JHK says good things here..

What ever the case is going to be the Hollywood Cycles Team is going to go fast and kick ass and Party On this summer on the dirty trails of Minnesota and Wisconsin..

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