Monday, April 15, 2013

Brass Monkey

It seems that someone has forgotten to inform spring to show up to the party. The cold grey dreary grip of an icy winter is not letting go. 
With that said I want to send out a Serious Sorry and extend some good Vibrations to the hurting people of Boston and those who were affected by the tragedy today.
Their is too much pain and suffering in this world and not the good kind that comes from riding a bike. 
The good folks over at Saris put up some good messages over on the Facebook,, and here at the Casa DMC I find them to get straight to the point. 

Suffering is a key element in Cycling and even more in racing one of these two wheel contraptions. 
This winter spring I have spent may hours wrapped up like a cross country skier 
destroying bearings and break pads as I pedal through the sloppy weather conditions. 
I have had a few things to get me all reved up and ready for the upcoming season ,,,,.
Our trip to the 480 and getting to break in some new Racing style Bicycles,,,kept me moving and helped keep my eye on the prize. 
Bathing in single track and sun was better than any meds a doctor could have ever prescribed. 

After the honeymoon feeling was going to be over and vacation a memory the kid and I were to head to soon to be college and pedal for some 100+ miles with like minded people,,, 
Well that was rained out and missed due to not having anti freeze in my blood system. 

Next was going to be The Team Hollywood Cycles Spring Camp.. 
And once again the weather devil reared it's ugly head and made most of the crew bail with snow rain and what ever that stuff is that is between the two. 
A strong crew drove down to the Driftless region for what became a day for the HardmEn. 
Being a person who spent years upon years in the food industry I was ready to serve everyone a good breakfast before taking them out to the country for a clinic in climbing. 
From the front door of the house a 10 minute warm up gets the legs warm as you hit the 
bottom of the SS climb,, That set the pace for what the day would bring. 
After a few more climbs and a now burr head wind we split into two groups,, 
I show the young boys what uphills were like and treated them to one of the more fun 
descents in the area. 
It was a success it was not warm it was not sunny and we got snowed on.. 
Later that night many many bottles of adult sodas were destroyed,,which turned into 
giving one of the newbies to the team a TEAM HAIR CUT>>>>>
Now it is time to suffer some more and get ready for the tests that are to come. 
Pain Suffering and THC,,, It is a Party On This Train!

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