Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Over the weekend a small band of Team Hollywood Cycles Racers went down to 
Iowa for some Mountain Biking and some Partying. 
After one of the greyest and coldest springs on record we were treated to an 
unreal spring day. 
Temps in the 60's sunshine and hero dirt. 
Once making it to the race and getting all situated I headed out with the Bavers to 
to some recon. 
We rode the tail end of the race which was good as they took the long straight away and added a
The Rocket
dozen or so 180 turns to zap what ever bit of energy that you may have left.
From there we watched the boy race and cheered him on to his first Age group win and only his first week in Clipless pedals. Good Job Rocket!!
With the start looming and me being the 5th to go I wanted to ride the first section of the course. 
The start was a long med grade up hill on some beautiful single track. 
Popped out with enough time to talk to the kids and then line up. 
I had an idea in my head of what time and pace that I wanted,, did not know what the 
good people in Decorah had in mind for vertical torture. 
I was moving and happy with both time and pace,, pushing it where I could and holding on where I needed to.
About 20 min in I misjudged a log and that is where I decided to go over the bars and have my bike come slamming in to me. I got back up and was rolling, sore and shocked that things were still working. 
I managed to pass all but one that started in front of me and came across the line at this point in 2nd place with a long list of fast guys to still go.
After cooling down I cheered on the Pip and the Bavers as they both came in with some really good times. 
The THC came to Decorah and kicked butt... We left with a 2nd place in the womens third in the mens 7and8th in the mens and a 1st in the 8-9 year olds...  If a sign of things to come ,,.,.I like,..,it,.

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