Friday, May 3, 2013

The Jayhawk

Skinny Ski has some great shots of folks out skiing this early May,,or late winter snow. 
I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday
Nikolai Anikin put on a XC ski race up in the northwoods just because their was enough snow,, then they got 18inches of new snow up in Hayward. Groomers got out in their cats and 
made for some fun for these crazy kids.
No snow here please and thank you,, and while you are at making sure no snow falls how about some sun and some nice weather?? So happy that last weekend ended up the way that it did.. That vitamin D from the sun and the Vitamin IRT from the single track made me feel like a new man.. 
All mountain bike racing has been cancelled in the area. I was excited for the back to back weekends with races... A good way to start the season. Now the next event wont be unit the 19th so we have some time and with these new rad hair cuts we just have to wait.
What I can't wait for is finding the Rocket a new 26" wheeled bike. He has the seat on his 24"s maxed out on both height, and set back.. 
Goal is to find him a 13" frame and build it up with parts around the house.. Have most,, would want a rigid fork and a stout set of tubeless wheels... Working on it and hope it starts to come together...  Lot of promise in this one and he is ready for the next leap.. 
  Now if the sun could come out and we could get out and play..

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