Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I CoUld Smell It

The Hollywood Cycles Team went to a bike race on sunday and Cleaned House. 
Waking up sunday morning and looking at the weather maps and radar I was thinking the worst as
in was pounding rain up at the venue in St Croix Falls. 
To take my mind off this I watched the first World Cup MTB race of the season. 
I got to watch the last two laps of the Women's race and then the Whole of the Mens. 
With two laps to go for the women the rain had started and by the time the men started it was a slick mess. 
I loaded the bikes in the car and finished breakfast and coffee and was ready to roll. 
When we made it to the venue we were greeted by the whole team and even had our own section of the parking lot.
I was shocked to see that the course was dry and tacky and what is called Hero dirt. 
I grabbed Judy Butter and rode some sections of the race getting a feel for the corners and looking at
stuff that I did not get to ride last year after my crash. 
After call ups stood on the line with the fast guys and talked about what was to come.
Paul went off the front with Brendan and Hollywood pulling along. I sat in and waited. 
Coming off the paved bike trail and into the first section of windy single track I jumped on the Brendan's wheel and rode that into the woods. A small gap grew between us and the group, and I sat on this wheel before Brendan hit the after burners on his new 29er and I was on my own. 
For the next lap and a half I sat here in two with 2 chasing and Brendan riding off the front. 
Lap three the chasers and I starting riding together and worked pretty well, pushing the pace and
extending the gap.  I still found my self for the remainder of lap 3 riding on the front of this group the strong single speeder in the Brones Kit running a 37x17 took some pulls and kept charging. 
Lap four just before the first section of woody single track Paul came around and at this point I needed to work on recovering and let him pull away and soon Nate on his Oneby joined as I worked on not totally blowing up. 
Coming into the last section of the race the flat wide open gravel trail part I caught sight of the the two up the road and buried my self to get back on. 
I was bring them back in but my legs gave out with 100 yards to go and a face full of wind. 
I could not get on the wheel I needed and watched Paul and Nate sprint it out for 2-3..
I finished just 15ish seconds off the Podium but was all smiles knowing that I had my self a good strong race. 
The rest of the team did kick ass to with The Bavers getting 6th and Barry in  7th....Pip was 4th behind teammate Ali,,, the Chucker was 1st in Comp,, and even young Jake made it to the top step.
We cleaned House on what looks to be a great season of Racing. 
Up Next Makato and a whole lot of climbing,,,

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