Thursday, May 16, 2013

Up over Down

Wednesday afternoon at the end of my work day I parked my truck and the skies were a bit soupy.. Their was no call for rain or if their was it was a low percentage.  I did my
paperwork and tied up some loose ends. 
After changing in to my super suit I headed out the door to deep blue skies and wall to wall sun.
The only odd thing was that the streets were soaking wet. 
If must have rained really hard for a few minutes then quit.
Determined to keep moving I headed to my afternoon Bliss felling the spray coming off my down tube. 
When I got to the climb up the bluff I was in and out of wet spots thanks to the tree cover. 
Getting to the top of the hill the roads were totally dry and the rest of the ride home was same old same old. 
With the first test of the Minnesota season coming fast I am doing all I can to make sure that I am ready. Riding before and after work seems to be the best thing for an old mans soul. 
But I am trying something different this year,, not worried so much about volume as I am quality. 
And also not totally freaking out about HR number and things of that nature. 
I am playing with the social media catch me if you can,,, app on my phone while riding 
and having some fun with kom's etc that exist there. 
I really like it because I can finally track the Kid and what it is that she is doing 
while she rides and trains. 
I am pretty sure that this whole family is happy that the sun and warmth is finally here,
and we continue to plod along the month of May. 
Two days left in Pip's High School life then on to the Bigger and better things that 
College will bring. 
For now for sanity's sake I will be holding on to the Handle Bars and watching the 
wheels spin round and round. 
I really love to watch them go!

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