Monday, May 6, 2013


Number plates have shown up and now the itch for lining up and questions of "are you ready for this"?
I skipped the road racing this weekend du to the fact that I am not sure that it is really what 
I need to be doing, and even skipped the gravel road ride on sunday needing to be closer to home if I was not going to be racing MTB's.
At this point it is all about perspective and making sure that hay is being made while the sun shines. 
Even though their was no racing for the family we were good and busy as the Pip had Prom and young Jake drove down on his way back to school. 
We figured that since it was a Team Hollywood Cycles Prom bikes should be involved in the picture taking.
Fun was had by all and bikes were ridden by all even got to get a bit of THC# training with the youngest segment of of the team.
The Rocket did a great job of riding considering how big this damn hill is. 
The boy has some skills in him and needs to keep the motivation rolling. 
My goal is to build him up a new bike and have feelers out in all directions for a frame or a complete bike that can take him to the next level. 

A lot is going on and May is going to be a crazy month.. Birthday, Anniversary, and Grauation.. I have been having some holy shit moments that Pip is not only done with High School but that she is off to school Aug 16th.  Whirlwind does not even being to scratch the surface. 
Before we know it ,,,, Ready Set GOOOOOO>>>>>>>>

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