Monday, May 27, 2013

Party On to all and to all a Good Ride!

To call the last four days a whirl wind of a few days would be an understatement.
Here is the line up of what we were doing.. 
Thursday saw my Parents come to town and then right into Our Anniversary on 
Friday.. Then into the Boys birthday on Saturday and then the 
Queen stage of the weekend Pip's High School Graduation. 
Now it is Monday Cold Wet and I am shot. 
I have filtered more Hop flavored water through my system than I have in 
years, and yesterday saw more people in my house than I ever thought it could hold. 
We did try to ride mountain bikes today with part of The THC crew,,
but the clouds blew in and just made it so now I have to clean bikes yet again. 
The forecast for the week does not look too cycling friendly and our next test is Next Sunday. 
I will do like I always do and find the time to ride in-between rain clouds and when I am not sleeping.. But  I sure would like to do a lot of sleeping .. 
But for now I have get get some bikes cleaned up and Finnish all the beer that is left in the house. 
So glad this weekend is done!
Party On to all and to all a Good Ride!

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