Monday, May 13, 2013

Blowing in the

The sun comes up early this time of year and I just love it. 
I like to as much as possible be up with so I don't miss a single part of a day
and even though that I want to sleep on the weekends I know that I need to get up and embrace,, the day. 
Saturday I did just that loading up the minivan and driving the hour drive to Levis Mound for some more THC riding. The Pip and I were to meet the Bavers and some of his buds for what was sure to be a good day of single track shredding.  The parking lot was full of cars and Pip got to d
rive the last three miles to the trail head,, and even though the sun was out the wind was blowing making it seem a bit cooler than any would have liked. 
The Trails were in great shape and well taken care of minus the large deposits of leaves .,,., at times on some of the down hills it was like skiing on a powder day with leaves climbing up your legs. 
A solid day of riding and good bit of training as the race season finally approaches.
Sunday was mothers day and for once I did let my self sleep in a bit.. 
Still up before 8 and brewing coffee,, we were meeting Anna's family for brunch at 11 so it was by choice to just chill watch some bike racing and not eat just drink coffee. 
Again the sun was out but the temps were cool.. 
Momma sent me out riding after brunch and for me it was the first day of truly getting to ride the local trails. My goals were simple,,, hammer up the big climb to the trails and then from there 
just ease back and enjoy the ride. 
The trails were in great shape,, hero dirt along with my Geax tires made for a ripping good time. 
With some of the bike tweaks that i had done the day before the ride was sweet. 
Only a week until the first Minnesota race I would like to think that i am ready.. 
I wont know until push comes to shove and that is only meant figuratively ..

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