Friday, April 26, 2013


The sun came out and it has been heating the air surrounding my body up.
So much so that I did not have to wear shoe covers on the way to work today. 
It has been since December or so for that..
We have one of the Team Hollywood Cycles team members coming down today 
to get ready for some racing tomorrow in Decorah IA. 
The Ginger has a new Team bike that he wants to break in some more before lining up for a 
eight mile time trail. 
With the THC crew in the house tonight it might get loud and it will be fast 
and it should be a good old fashion party.

So I am loading up the family truckster and and even the rocket is going to dawn the Hwood jersey and see what he has.. 
And the Girl well this is going to help whip her in to shape,,,or at least I hope.. 
Me and ginger will take her out and fight the wind this afternoon..

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