Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Popping Tags

One thing you hear a lot watching Pro Cycling on TV   "is racer>>>insert name<<<
 going to race them self in to shape"..
That is kind of how I feel. 
Once cross was done and a bit of a break from the bike I got back after it with a good strength program and skiing/riding.
My mileage for this time of the year is probably around 500ish off I like to be more around 2k heading in to May. But the weather has made it a tough spring campaign.
The crash that I endured showing off to the kids in February skiing slowed down to almost a stop my weight program. I have been getting after it as much as one can with winter holding on as long as it has,,so much so that my sscx bike is all blown up with shot rims and going through more brake pads than I would like.   
So I am going to have to race my self in to racing shape. First stop is going to be the Decorah TT
Last spring I showed up and had a pretty decent ride but I also had the Ragnarok in my legs and all the work that I had done to get ready for it. 
This year I am going into it with only a few hundred miles  of mountain bike completed,, so glad that I went to Arizona. 
Then after that and I have collected my lungs and get my legs back under me it is
off the next week for the first Minnesota race. 
Hopes are by that time spring and warmer weather has decided to show up and were can be out on some trails on more of a normal rotation. 
I have some work to do and after talking to my coach from last year he calmed me down and helped 
me make up my mind about what to do with my USA license. I bit the bullet and said that this will be my last year buying the Pro card.  I did not want to cough up the cash due to all the bullshit but it took a lot of hard work to get there, and I was not ready to give it up. 
I will be using the first few races to get my self ready to go,,, I am not far away just not where I want to be... This guy thinks that he is ready to go ,,,,this is going to be Awesome!!

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  1. Yep...we live down the "street" not literally.. Mileage is low here at the Martin house. Weather, work (Chris has been traveling to and from Burlington about 2 hrs. One way, for work) or life, we haven't enjoyed the outdoor riding very much at all this spring. Can you call it that?
    In any case, races are getting cancelled all over the place, fortunately Monikas Time Trial went on as scheduled on the 9th!
    Best of luck.