Friday, February 15, 2013


Well first and foremost the Kid (PiP) Signed her letter of INTENT to attend and race for the Ripon Red Hawks. 
Pretty excited for her to get a top notch education and get to travel the USA racing her bike. 
It is hard to believe that she is off to college soon, but it fly's when you are having fun. 
It seems like just yesterday that she was starting the Summit Mountain Challenge's
Mountain Bike Little League. She has come along way. 
A new Ride is coming her way to launch her in to her next level of racing..
Things are happening and I can't wait for the trails to dry out. 
It sounds like we will be packing and shipping bikes down to AZ 
for trip at the end of March, Her coach has her on a 18+
mile week and that gives me a great excuse to do almost nothing but ride a bike on single track while on vacation. 
I got my newly built up King hubs to some Velocity Blunt SL's ,,,, MD at Velocity took care of all of the dirty work and I can't wait to do my part in the dirt. 
Not sure if I will pack the Spot or the new LaMere??
Should have my hands on it this coming weekend as I head up to the Frostbike and Cutters Ball. 
Excited to build up a new race rig,,, and even more excited to get after some more training and riding with the Pip.. 
Can't even begin to tell you how PROUD of the kid that I am .. 


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