Monday, February 11, 2013


Still dealing with this sore shoulder it is getting better and I have been able to back off the amount of ibuprofen which is gooder. Sleep is hit or miss because I want my arm under my pillow and I normally wake up with  all kinked up.  I find that when riding on two wheels and it being  a
day like today with a glaze across the pave that I am steering with my whole hinder making sure that I don't crash and add to my pain. 
This morning the temps were in the mid 30's and on the way home the temps dropped and wind picked up to 35+mph and I found my self tripoding more than I wanted but did not crash. 
Weather weather weather seems to be the only thing that I have been able to rant about 
as of late. And for last week the skiing was as close to perfect that we have seen in this neck of the woods.
Been making the short drive up north to a local golf course that does a great job of grooming and due to the location it does not get all beat up with people walking on in or dogs crapping on it.. And because it is laid out on the fairways not much of anything to worry about poking up and beating up your skis. 
I was able to get a good hard slide and glide on saturday
before getting the 
tax crap all done.. And this statement has been made once or twice now already that next year we will not overpay to have some wrinkly purple haired smoke stack prepare our return. 
Sundays weather,,,promised to suck with a big storm rolling out of the southwest and bring lots of moisture our way.. Looking at the radar the colors coming to this slice of paradise was all green ,,,,all rain and not just light rain spring style bring the flowers rain. After one too many cups of coffee I geared up and hit the trails,,
Light sprinkles to start and I said that I would not stop until I got soaked through.. 17k's of skiing later and some fat rain drops I could not tell if I was sweating or drenched from liquid precip. 
Regardless my OCD got the best of me and I headed out for a quick road ride on the the SSCX 
in what I thought was going to be a dry spell,, 
Not so much soaked once again.. but spinning circles was good..  Just trashing the shit out of my rig.. I am going to wish on my luck starts that a new one shows up someday.. 

Speaking of someday if you are wanting to ski and have the time to drive to the great White North
head up to Maplelag and see what the Richards are up to.. Lots and lots of snow and the skiing up there is top notch and the food is unreal,,, Makes me want to get up there and Play!!

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  1. My nokian 240s are like velcro out there on the sheet ice...