Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It has been four days now since I crashed and hurt my wing. Need to keep reminding
my self to watch out for stuff and not to get crazy or the sharp pain 
will work its way up to my brain and make me swear. 
Self inflicted pain due to getting rad is something that I have had to deal with for 
years. And one of the main reasons that I don't find my self going to the 
skate parks and Trashing. Once I start having fun and landing a few tricks I think 
yea,,,I should try that and then I end up with the old man ouch syndrome.
I have found for what ever reason that skate skiing is not causing me too much if any pain and I like to think that it may help with the PT process,, that is all self prescribed,, don't want to go and get an MRI as long is it feels like it kind of works.
I have been beating my shoulders up for the better part of 18 years and mostly all due to 
Skinny Skis=fast,,, not Radder
the kind of skiing that you ride a chair lift.
Back when Pip was just six or seven months old I broke my right had and the doc would not cast around my pole grip. Needless to say it starting snowing one day and did not stop. 
So with one pole and a twenty-one year old brain I skied and skied and as the snow got deeper I just used my cast and arm as a Rutter.. Probably no the best idea ,,so that was the right side. 
The left for the most part was pretty unscathed until living in Flagtown and skiing up at the Snowbowl. I had got my hands on my first set up of Tele gear and was taking to it fast. 
Here again this was another one of those years that it snowed and snowed and even snowed some more,,,,I had no idea that it could get so deep in Arizona. Well one day towards the end of my skiing
close to the time I needed to Hitch Hike to work,, cutting back into the woods to get the last stash of Powder over the tips I go and pile drive my left shoulder.  I knew right away that this was going to hurt and wouldn't you know it did. Made it tough to stick my thumb out as I headed down the hill and made it even tougher to get the food processor off the top shelf at work.   
So I am hoping that for now this is just a bit of a sprain,, will be as nice to it as I can
and will continue to work to the goal of the spring which is riding a bike A Lot.. 
Just need to shake out the old man getting radites.

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