Friday, January 11, 2013


We have been going through the January Thaw,, my mother-in-law says that it 
happens every year but I have to say that this one has been more pronounced.
Temps in the mid to upper thirties and yesterday we saw low 40's and rain.. Yep rain. 
It has been raining all night and as far north as Duluth MN. 
With the mild weather I have been making the most of it. 
Getting out and spinning my wheels, making the SSCX work for me. 
Roads are clear enough to ride the shifter bike but again the residue on the 
roads could or would start to beat up the Steel frame. 
I like to think that riding on the wonspeed this time of year is only a 
benefit for later,, when you head out to do Tempo the bike lets you know what that 
tempo is going to be and all you can do is just hold on. 
With the skiing that I got over the weekend I have 10+ hours of work in which for this 
time of the year is good. All of this will change as a cold front is moving in,, no snow just cold so it is time to pad the wardrobe with some more layers,,to keep the work moving. 
Going to head to Madtown to watch the weekends racing,, words from yesterday is that 
the course is starting to become almost unridable. 
Tilford managed to win his Champion race again but hit the deck and wrecked his shoulder pretty darn good. 
Should be  fun to watch the CX freaks slide around on the ice rink that is the CX Natz.

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