Friday, October 3, 2014

Falling in the Air

The seasons have changed and fall is here with  a 
tight grip on the upper mid west. We have gone from sun and warm days to 
Grey sky's and cold nights. We still have not turned on the heat in the house,
and I will hold out for as long as I  can especially after  only having the A/C on for 
one full day this summer.
With one week to go before I get my next CT scan,, I keep looking into the woods 
and drooling when I think about the single track just waiting for my wheels
to show up and ride the carpet of color that is the fallen leaves. 
My road wheels are still turning when I can make it out after work,
and at times my body feels like it remembers what it supposed to do,, but at the same time 
I have a long way to go to get back to the shape that was once had.

Once again the Holzinger Hot Lap will be up in Winona and again it looks as if weather 
may be a factor in the event. Now not as bad as last year but overnight they saw almost 2 inches of rain and more is in store for this evening with the chance of a flake or two of snow.
I may catch a ride up and heckle but am not totally sure if I am into the 40 degree temps and 30 mph winds.
Talk around here has been heading up to the cities and getting some Third Layer sk8 time in with the boy.
We were supposed to be going up to Copper Harbor this evening to watch Pip race the 
Michigan Tech race but pulled the plug last minute due to me still recovering. 
And just like here it does not sound like the weather is going to be all that great. 
The kid mentioned that they may also see snow by race time on sunday for the XC race. 
Having ridden and raced up there I can't imagine riding the trails wet let alone wet and cold. 
So fall is here wheels are still turning and hopefully larger ones with bigger tread will be soon,
I am itching to get out into the woods, and would not even mind to pretend like I know how to race a bike one last time. 
This recovery has been a long road and for someone who can't sit still it has been torture. 
But each day I feel better and better. Here is to more Better. 

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