Monday, September 29, 2014


Today was another day of first for this here guy..
The first day back to work after a long two weeks away.
Last monday when I went to see the doctor I thought for sure that he would send me back 
and he did not,, said I needed some more time to let my brain recover.
After today I am glad that he said what he said. 
As days go was not the worst,, my head never really hurt that bad.
More than anything it was trying to get used to all the movements and 
angles that I have to achieve to get through the day. 
Work is taking it easy on me and allowing me to stay at the shop and work on stuff there. 
I am not sure if this is a blessing or not,, part of what makes my job tolerable is 
getting to drive around and smell the fresh air. 
I found my self with three different sealed system jobs which just meant 
time with torches in my hand. 
The strangest bit of all was not commuting on two wheels, the company has been 
making a push for the Techs to bring work vans home, so we are using this
as a trail period.
My ride in and home were normally the Highlight of the day,
and if this sticks I am going to have to find time and or rearrange my  cycling habits to
make sure that I am getting the required amount of saddle time.
For five years I have rain, cold, sun, and snow ridden to work year round.
Yea their may be a day or two that I did not but for the most part is was  two wheeled fun both ways. 
Highlight of the day was coming home and 
finding a get well card in the mail from a former Hollywood teammate ,
wishing me well and making me smile.. Thanks Carrie for
turning a gloomy monday in to I can see the sun through the 
clouds day.
Now I need to get the Blackbuck back up and running so I can once cleared for 
dirt bring back the single track Joy!. 

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