Monday, September 22, 2014

Not Clear

Still not allowed to go back to work,, went and saw the Doctor this morning and 
due to my symptoms he does not want me going back to work.
My job is somewhat labor intensive and requires a lot of lifting and getting ones body into weird 
positions as I try to figure out why your appliance is no longer working. 
Bummed out that I am not able to get back to normal life
but as I have been told many times don't mess with brain injuries.

I got an email from a friend that I ran into the morning of the Fat 40 at the campsite. 
I have been riding and skiing with Jamie for years now and 
he was shocked to see me at the event,, know that it was one that I was never interested
in.  Anyway we shard some stories and plans for the day and the weekend and wished each other
good luck and were on to the next part of the morning. 
He had just learned that I was the cyclist that he passed as I was getting attention from the 
first few people on seen. 
He went on to say that while he took the bus back from Telemark he overheard someone say
that what he saw as some guy get wobbly and touch bars take someone out and keep on riding. 
I am thinking that I am the guy that got his bars pulled on then I went down. 
I have watched the short video clip but the crowd is so big I can't see it happen I can just hear the person taking the video in disbelief.     

Even this weekend when we drove over to see Sophia compete in her home Cycling race,
I had the coaches dad say "you look much better than the last time I saw you"
Just another person who saw me face down on the road. 
It is over now and time for me to move on. 
I did get to see the Kid race and it was at least a good venue to watch a race as they came 
by our view point three to four time per lap.. 
She looked good as her dad I always think that she could go faster,, but trying to get good grades work and train then race is a lot to ask of Teenagers.. 
Proud to see what it is that she is doing. 

I can tell you one thing for sure nothing is going to happen to me as I ride the couch for another 
Five days,., Then I hope to be back to my old self,, 

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