Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long Division

As I pace the lines back and forth of my tiny duplex I daydream about what could
and may someday happen again.
To say that I am going stir crazy would be an understatement,, but then again to 
still be here and have all of my motor functions is a good thing. 
I managed to get my wheels that were involved in my crash down to the shop
to have some nipples turned.
The new King/Velocity wheels have maybe 150-200 miles on them
but the impact made them less than true.
A conversation about the tires that I am running on them came up and again with only a short time 
on the new rubber I do have to say I like what I have ridden. 
The WTB Nine Line is a small knob fast rolling tire,, I like the fact that the tire has 
a true round shape and when on the velocity blunt the with of the rim opens the tire up even more.
I opted for the 2.0 in the rear and 2.25 in the front since I am running a rigid fork.
The front looks like a monster but still maintains a light weight and again fast rolling.
And for me the garage door mechanic they seated and sealed with ease. 
The hope is once cleared and then a 
few more weeks of getting better I will be
able to get back on these quick bits of rubber and enjoy the fall that is upon us.

Their are times when I wounder when I am going to find my calling in life.
That ah-ha moment when the smoke clears and  I know what and why I am supposed to be here.
Don't get me wrong I have done a lot and seen a lot but have never been able to put it all together.
It always seems like either too early or just a minute late to the party.
I pulled this off of Stevil's site,, I have been watching what Anthony does in is 
pizza ovens ever since I saw the article about him in Bike magazine. 
This is someone who found his calling and is making it happen,, from his humble beginnings in
New York to pulling up anchor and going west. 
To me it has always made since Food and Bikes,, I mean that is what I did all through my 20's and most of my 30's,, and to see this kind of passion and dedication makes me believe that 
maybe someday it will happen.
That is unless we finally say screw it and sell off the house and anything else we don't need and load up a 5th wheel and tour the western USA..
 Now back to my regularly secluded day of sitting around and watch bad daytime TV.

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