Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There can never be enough of a good thing?
I am not totally sold on that but one would have to argue that more is better 
than less? That being said after an hour plus session
of skating with the boy on Sunday afternoon I was able to convince him to go back after dinner, and skate some more.
The four wheels and hard maple were flying around the park and new trick were being unleashed. 
For the most part I was able to keep it up right, and not hit the ground too hard. 
James has now been riding for a year and he is coming along well,, and more than anything he
has gotten to see a number of different parks, and does great learning the lines that he can ride.

Now the only reason that my legs were fresh enough to skate as long as we did on Sunday was because the road race that I was in that morning was cut short after one lap of two. 
I don't do much road racing but this is close to the house and it is a good format.
Two 21 mile laps through the country side. 
Last year I went to the front and blew up,, this year I was going to do the same
with out the blow up. Wanting to put some pain in my legs before the 
Chequamegon this was the perfect spot for me to be. 
I was able to keep it clean through the P gravel section and when the hills came
I stuck with the sharp end.
Coming into the start finish area flying on the new sections of pavement a car came up
with a people come out and yelling that it was the last lap. 
Crossing the line they again waved us to stop.
It turns out that the second race which is a 21 version had a crash in it and someone had to be airlifted. We could see the Helicopter flying away as they told us this. 
Last night on the news they said that the women who was in the crash is rough shape and may not make it. This was very sobering news. Never in all my years of riding and racing have I ever
had to hear such tragic news. 
The only bit of soap box preaching that i have is to all the people that were bitching and complaining that the race was called,,,, chill out,, someones life is at stake here.  

Moving away from this it is time to start thinking about the weekend to come,, and how the race
will be effected by the wall of water that is coming.. 
For now the bike is set up 44x20 which gives me 63.8 inches of gear,, the ski trails may be real real 
wet so this may change. only time will tell. 

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