Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Going to make this quick as looking at glowing things makes my head hurt and i  have been 
told by the doc's to not to.
Last thing this guy remembers is riding down Hwy 77 with a bunch of other people.
As far as I can remember I was still up in the front part of the race as the speed was starting to
ramp up.
I remember seeing the fast guys start to get strung out and was letting people on shifting bikes 
go as my plan was to hit it once we got to dirt,,

Well that never happened,,, the next thing I remember is being strapped to a backboard, and that did not make a shit ton of since.
After that I was in an Ambulance and to the first of two hospitals.
They gave me a CT scan and thought that they saw a bleed on my brain. 
SO next I was loaded on a helicopter  and taken to Duluth.
Here I finally got cleaned up and the reality of what was happening set in..

I was Pretty Fucked Up,, 
Must have landed on my face first as it was a mess,, They found a broken cheek bone and a crack in my skull,, along with tons of ripped flesh.
I spent the next 27+ hours here getting observed and constantly looked after.
The big issue is that I was out cold for five+ minutes and suffered some brain trauma.

As for today the swelling is going down and movement is getting better,, my head still hurts and my eye is still swollen semi shut,, I have no idea what happened although people saw me on the ground no one know what led to the crash.. 
My bike is twisted like a waded up piece of paper,, helmet is smashed glasses broken and I have a big hole in the back of jersey,, I don't have any cuts on my back?

So for now I heal,,, no work,,, no bikes,, no skateboards,, Just a lot of sitting around
and wondering what happened. 
I am very happy to be alive and am very thankful to 
Tall Dave who walked out into the cyclist to help me,,, I am not mad that no one stopped as I was out cold on the ground,, Just very happy that Dave was there...
As I figure out more or can take looking at a screen longer more thoughts will
spill out of my Cracked head.

Party ON?

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